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Apr 7

5 Secrets For a Successful Utah Retained Search

The process of identifying and securing top talent for your firm can be lengthy and difficult. While some positions allow for more flexibility in the hiring process, other positions require a more complex search to find the right candidate. That’s why you’re here, of course.

Experienced recruiters can help you locate, qualify, and negotiate for leading talent within your industry. If you’ve already decided that hiring a search firm is necessary for success in your hiring process, you’re probably wondering which type of search you should conduct. You can choose the contingency route where you deliver payment once you’ve found your candidate, or opt for a retained search process where the fee is determined and paid up front.

The benefits of each depend on your company’s unique hiring needs. We’ll start with retained search and break down the five situations that call for this type of search to obtain top talent for your Utah firm, as follows:

  • You’re Hiring for a Senior Level Position
    Certain positions require a more careful hiring process. Senior level positions typically call for a more thorough search process to allow you to increase your reach and sufficiently evaluate options.
  • You’re Seeking Currently Employed Talent
    If you’re hiring for a major role in your company, you’ll need to find someone with proven experience in the field. Talented and experienced individuals who specialize in these roles are typically already employed. This is where recruiters conducting a retained search can help you identify and contact currently employed talent.
  • You’re Hiring Out-of-State Talent
    Expanding your network to reach candidates outside of the state can prove to be pretty difficult. Top talent may have a hard time understanding why they should leave their current location for a role at your company. This is where retained search recruiters help you effectively present the offer and explain its benefits.
  • The Screening/Interview Process Requires Special Attention
    Hiring for a leading role at your company requires that you identify an individual who accurately represents themselves and their skill in the potential role. Our retained search team ensures that the candidates you’re considering are in fact suitable for the position. We implement a thorough screening/interview process to help you identify any potential falsities in resumes or reported records.
  • Your Team Would Like Assistance in Negotiation and Selection
    Negotiating for top talent can be especially difficult when you’re attempting to land talent for major roles at your company. This is especially the case if the candidate of choice is currently employed and/or living out of the state. Fortunately, our retained search team is skilled in negotiating for top-tier talent and can help your opportunity maintain its appeal while creating fair terms in your hiring contract.

Getting Started

If these points apply to your hiring needs, you stand to benefit from a retained search process with NaviTrust’s experienced recruiters. Click here to request a free, custom quote for your potential search, or give us a call at 800-622-2085 to discuss your needs with a company representative. We look forward to helping you secure your company’s next all-star employee.