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Oct 8

5 Secrets on How To Deliver (Hire) The Best Candidate


Now that you have Identified and Qualified the Best Candidate it is time to Deliver (hire) the candidate.

  1. Review with the candidate their goals and objectives in making a change and enthusiastically present to them how the position being offered will enable them to achieve their goals and accomplish their objectives.
  2. This information is collected during the interview process, reviewing and confirming it throughout the interview and “courting” process increases the probability you will “land” your first choice.

  3. Be timely in extending the offer.
    Once you have decided on the candidate you wish to make an offer to, don’t delay. Making an offer soon after the final interview confirms for the candidate how much he/she is wanted, increasing the likelihood the offer will be accepted.
  4. Make the best possible offer and assure the candidate if they accept they will not be leaving anything on the table.
    During the qualifying process you will have asked the candidate what their requirements are to accept an offer if extended. Of course the offer is not just about money, but title, start date, vacation, benefits, duties and responsibilities and so forth. If you choose, you can set yourself apart by explaining that your company’s pattern is to make the best offer possible with the understanding if it is accepted the candidate will not be leaving anything on the table, however if the offer is rejected there will not be a counter-offer and you will move on to candidate number 2.
  5. This practice avoids the potential negative effects of negotiating offers, you seeing how low the candidate will go and the negative feelings that can create for the candidate.

  6. Require a timely decision from the candidate.
    You will have to decide what a timely decision is. If you have managed the process well requiring a decision within 24-48 hours of an offer being extended is not unreasonable. People usually do not delay saying “yes”, they do delay saying “no”. You do not want to lose the opportunity to deliver/hire your number 2 candidate due to a delayed “no”.
  7. It is when the hiring manager, c-suite and human resources/talent acquisition professionals act as a team that you are most likely to deliver/hire the Best Candidate.
    When there is “team unity” in the hiring process the best candidates are most
    likely to be delivered/hired. The candidate wants to be a part of a unified team. A team where there is a culture of cooperation and mutual respect. On the other hand if there is disunity, for example, dramatically different descriptions of what the company is looking for and/or what the company has to offer from an opportunity stand point, the best candidates are likely going to get spooked and turned off. You will want to remember and remind others the best candidates are often generally happy where they are currently employed, but will consider a new opportunity that both relieves pain and is a step forward in advancing their career. They will need to be “sold” and doing so as a team will improve your chances of bringing in the best.

Final Thought: While the best candidates want their next move to be a “step forward” for their career, they are open to your recruiting efforts to relieve pain rather than get gain. In the absence of identifying what a particular candidate’s pain is, and how your opportunity will relieve that pain, you are unlikely to deliver (hire) the candidate.