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Sep 12

5 Secrets on How To Identify The Best Candidate

Definition of “secret” when used as a noun: a method, formula, plan, etc., known only to the initiated or the few

At NaviTrust we agree with Human Resource and Talent Acquisition professionals that the services of external recruiters should only be engaged after all other efforts have failed to produce and deliver the best candidate. We freely share our “methodologies and secrets,” and if doing so helps you avoid the investment of a recruiter’s fee, we’re happy to have helped. If in the end you are not successful, we invite you to give us the opportunity to earn your business.

  1. Identify names of companies or organizations where such a candidate would be currently employed
    When you know the names of companies or organizations where candidates with a desirable skill and experience set work or have worked in the past, you then are able to search the internet for individuals with search engines and on social media sites based on company or organization’s names.
  2. Talk to your current and former employees
    Current and former employees often know individuals with whom they went to school or worked with in the past. You will likely need to remind them that you are not asking for names of individuals who are necessarily looking for a new job, but rather you are looking to speak and network with people who may know someone that would be qualified. You will also want to assure your current and former employees that you will be discreet and confidential and not use their name when contacting their referrals.
  3. Contact and network with placement/alumni contacts at colleges/universities which graduate students in the field you are recruiting for
    It is the job of placement and alumni professionals to facilitate the networking between graduates/alumni and others for the purpose of job searching and career upgrading.
  4. Your internal database of resumes
    Often an untapped “goldmine,” your internal database may yield the “best candidate.” If not, it can be a reservoir of names and contact information for people with whom you are able to network with and source for names
  5. Ask for names from everyone you speak with about your opportunity
    Much like sales professionals, the best recruiters are the ones who face the most rejection. Or in other words they are “asking for the order” more than their colleagues or competitors. When we accept the rejection professionally and with a smile, oftentimes the person rejecting us will change their tune and will give us referrals of people we can then approach about our opportunity.

Final Thought: We run the risk of our searches hitting early dead ends if we are not constantly engaged in “name gathering.” The lifeblood of a successful search is the constant flow of new names of people to contact and present our opportunity to.

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