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Contingency Search

When choosing this level of service, clients will have exhausted their internal and other external recruitment options. Under a contingency search agreement, a NaviTrust recruitment professional will present an agreed upon base of pre-screened candidates within a specified period of time. NaviTrust clients benefit from the depth and breadth of the firm’s extensive candidate relationships through this type of assignment.

Start a Contingency Search

To begin a contingency search with a NaviTrust recruitment expert, complete and submit this form. We look forward to discussing the opportunity with you.

Currently Employed

On most occasions, candidates presented by NaviTrust are currently employed.


NaviTrust uses an extensive screening process to identify, evaluate and recommend the proper candidate.


Companies worldwide rely on NaviTrust to manage their talent acquisitions. When the need does arise, NaviTrust provides a 100% replacement guarantee or credit on future searches.


A contingency search agreement requires payment made upon the placement of the successful candidate.

The Process

  1. NaviTrust begins the contingency search process with an in-depth analysis to determine the client’s expectations for success. This includes many variables such as responsibilities and milestones to be achieved during the first six months of employment.
  2. A comprehensive NaviTrust “Candidate Profile” tool is used to create a detailed sketch of the ideal the candidate. This includes but is not limited to minimum education and training requirements and minimum years of industry and/or functional experience.
  3. NaviTrust gathers at least one professional reference from a prior supervisor, peer and subordinate.
  4. While working in close association with the client, NaviTrust prepares a hiring process that is used internally to assist in keeping all stakeholders on schedule.