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A client-oriented provider of professional search and recruitment services since 1991, NaviTrust assists organizations in hiring for business and profit growth. Formerly known as Management Recruiters of Salt Lake City, NaviTrust retains a strong Utah presence.

Well-regarded for diligently scoping, managing and communicating through each step of the recruiting process, NaviTrust has collaborated with some of the world’s leading corporations to attract high-performing candidates. NaviTrust understands what a qualified candidate looks like and specializes in matching client needs with these talented professionals.

The extensive worldwide experience in recruitment at NaviTrust makes its employment connections and networking among the best in the industries it serves.

Nationally recognized and awarded, NaviTrust provides clients with expert counsel and partnership because the stakes are simply too high to undertake this important business task alone.


NaviTrust successfully matches the right candidate with the right position. The firm’s search and recruitment services are trusted by some of today’s top companies and continue to benefit firms all over the world. To date, more than 3,500 professionals have been placed at 800-plus companies on five continents.

Practice Areas

NaviTrust’s team of recruitment professionals each concentrate on a practice area that reflects his or her individual expertise. These include:

  • Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Outsourcing (BPO and ITO)
  • Local Search

In addition, NaviTrust has successfully placed individuals in a wide variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare and more.


NaviTrust assessment testing, background checks, virtual recruitment solutions, relocation assistance, salary surveys and evaluation methods ensure client success in the hiring process by providing the information needed to find the most qualified professional for the job.

Unlike most search and recruiting firms who exclusively base their fee on a fixed percentage of compensation to be paid to the successfully recruited candidate, NaviTrust bases its fee on the anticipated level of effort required and costs associated to successfully recruit the ideal candidate. NaviTrust quotes a fixed priced fee or a variable percentage.

Global Reach

NaviTrust is a longstanding member of a worldwide network of 700 search and recruiting companies and has been recognized as a “Top 10” firm by its peers on 12 separate occasions.

Why work with NaviTrust

  1. Company Culture Matters : After placing over 3,500 candidates with over 800 companies, NaviTrust has learned that while job requirements are important, employees “stick” because of culture “fit” and relationships with co-workers and their boss.
  2. Replacement Guarantee : NaviTrust will offer a replacement guarantee or credit towards future searches in the rare instance that a candidate doesn’t work out.
  3. Pay Over Time : For some sales positions the NaviTrust service is paid out over time based on the candidate¹s sales performance.
  4. Flexible Payment Options : Unlike most search and recruiting firms who base their fee simply on a percentage of compensation, NaviTrust bases its fee on the anticipated level of effort to successfully fill the position and the degree of partnership with their client.