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Apr 28

How to Spot a Great Team of Recruiters

How to Spot a Great Team of Recruiters

Finding a great team of recruiters that is ready to work hard and produce optimal results can be tricky. Rather than find out the hard way that your team isn’t up to challenge of your search, try looking for signs of their competency during your initial meeting. So what exactly are you looking for? Refer to the list below to find out!

  • They have a plan

Every good recruiter starts with a plan. Make sure that your team knows and understands the importance of creating a solid plan for their search. Sure they may deviate here and there as leads arise, however, they should express their intent to start with a clear candidate profile and utilize a strategically planned system of recruitment methods.

  • They track their success

While sticking to the plan will be necessary for the most part, it is also important that your recruiting team is flexible and willing enough to change things up should you hit a plateau in progress. They should be implementing a system for tracking their progress to determine when change will be necessary.

  • They’re friends with technology

Although traditional search and recruitment methods are still necessary for a successful search, a talented recruiter utilizes new advances in recruitment technology as an important part of their strategy. They will also be able to identify the unique tools and platforms that will be most beneficial to your specific search.

  • They work as a team

A strong recruiter knows that they are stronger when they work with a team. It is important that the recruiting firm you choose to work with supports a strong sense of teamwork in their office. This way, you will benefit from the complete effort of each team member rather than the strategy of a leading recruiter alone.

  • They’re curious

Curiosity keeps a recruiter on their toes. Getting comfortable with their routine limits their access to the latest and most effective recruitment methods. Sure your team should have an excellent system in place for their current recruiting, however, they should also be constantly on the lookout for new methods and techniques.

Getting Started

Now that you know what to look for in a top notch team of recruiters, it’s time to create a few good questions that will help you gauge their abilities in these areas. Carefully look over the list once more and think of questions that could bring out these qualities in a firm. For instance “Who will be assigned to my account?” or “What types of recruitment methods and techniques do you use?” Doing this will help you get the answers you need to determine whether or not you will be working with a skilled team of recruiters if you select their firm.


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