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HR Partners

Since 1991, NaviTrust has partnered with HR and Talent Acquisition professionals to help staff some of the finest companies in the world. These companies have trusted us for our ability to conduct a smooth and successful hiring process while avoiding problems that commonly occur during an unassisted search. Partnering with NaviTrust will help you find the perfect candidate without the difficulty of a typical hiring process.

Like most business executives we believe Human Resource professionals are the keepers of the culture and play a key role in identifying, attracting, acquiring and retaining impact players.”

– Dirk Cotterell, Founder and CEO of the NaviTrust Group, Inc.

Unhappy Candidates

You are only seeing unemployed or unhappy candidates

Not What You Thought They Were

After a series of interviews you conduct reference checks only to find the candidate is not all you thought they were

Bait & Switch

You finally get to the offer stage with a candidate and his/her compensation requirements change or an offer is extended, perhaps even accepted only to have the candidate accept a counter offer

Let NaviTrust Help You Find the Impact Players

These and other such experiences are very costly in terms of time, money and lost opportunities. Read on to see how NaviTrust works to ensure our client partners avoid this costly experience.

Identifying talent is usually not difficult; NaviTrust’s specialty is partnering with HR/Talent Acquisition professionals to:

“Identify, qualify and deliver impact players.”

Sample questions include: