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Feb 19

Is Your Company Interviewing for Success

professional-placementCompeting for top talent is no easy feat in today’s tough candidate market. With ever increasing employer competition and a shrinking talent pool, it’s important that you conduct an effective interviewing process in order to land the best possible candidates for your company’s important positions. This means that you must identify and qualify your candidate pool while also highlighting your company’s best attributes throughout the entire process.

To help your company stand out as the most appealing choice for highly qualified professionals, it is important that you focus on creating streamlined recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes. Employers that neglect the need for simplicity and efficiency can lose the organization and candidate respect necessary to sell the opportunity at hand. NaviTrust has provided some great steps for evaluating the effectiveness of your interviewing process. We’ve shared these five steps below to help you evaluate and reshape your interviewing process for success.

To analyze your company’s current interviewing process, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have you created a plan for executing your process in an organized and seamless manner?
2. Do you have experienced company representatives conducting the interview?
3. Are these company representatives polite to the candidates and sincerely interested in finding the best possible match for your company?
4. Do you have a company representative following-up with top applicants to keep them engaged throughout the hiring process?
5. Does your interviewing process cater to the busy schedules of highly qualified professionals?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we suggest that you take time to re-evaluate your interviewing process. This is because it is important that your company is putting its most professional, considerate and organized foot forward to attract the right candidates.
In summary, interviewing is more than finding great candidates for the job. The process is ongoing and requires that you create a company “brand” that appeals to top talent within your industry. Creating a respectful, professional and organized workplace culture overall will help you attract the ideal candidates for your important positions.


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*Information provided by: “What Does Your Interviewing Process Say about Your Company?” by the MRI Network