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NaviTrust is one of the top search and recruiting firms in the world. Since 1991, we have served client companies on five continents, including: Ancestry.comĀ®, CitibankĀ®, GE Healthcare, Huntsman, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Yahoo! and hundreds more.

To apply, email your resume and letter of interest to Mr. Dirk Cotterell, Founder

Career Satisfaction

Few career opportunities are more rewarding than that of an executive recruiter. At NaviTrust, we help companies become more competitive by delivering candidates they cannot “land on their own. At the same time, we introduce candidates to better career opportunities. It truly is a classic “win-win opportunity.

Career Security

In our more than 20 years, NaviTrust has never had a lay-off or reduction in force.

Career Training

The principle shareholders of NaviTrust personally oversee the delivery of industry-leading training and mentoring of new team members. Collectively, the NaviTrust team has nearly 140 years of search and recruitment experience.

NaviTrust Candidates

If you have two or more years of sales experience or are entirely committed to a career in sales, NaviTrust might have a career opportunity for you.

A Career as an Executive Recruiter

Executive recruiting is one of the best, most rewarding businesses in the world! It is a complex, sophisticated, intellectually challenging multi-step sale that you too can master. You can be part of this career without the need to relocate, experience very little travel (except the occasional cruise or trip to Hawaii!) and will be able to enjoy a great deal of professional satisfaction. On top of this, you will have the opportunity to take control of your career, build a business that you can be proud of and experience uncapped earning potential.

Why recruiting, and why now?

An astounding 79% of companies realize that there is a gap in talent between the individuals they have on their current team and the impact players they need to reach their goals. Because of this, companies will look to upgrade their staff and the need for executive recruiting services will become even more important. The unemployment rate for college graduates is well below 4% and at the lowest level in many years. Now is a tremendous time to enter the search and recruiting industry.

What does a “day in the life of a recruiter at NaviTrust look like?

We spend half of our day speaking with hiring managers and “influencers; selling our services, arranging interviews with impact players and building relationships with companies and individuals across the country and the world.

The second half of the day is spent developing relationships with impact players and headhunting candidates. Our value as a search firm is to identify, present, and deliver candidates to our clients that they cant find on their own. How do we do it? We headhunt, network, cold-call and develop relationships.

Career Details


Each recruiter becomes a specialist or “power broker in a given industry or DIG (discipline, industry, geography). Current specialties we service include Outsourcing, Life Sciences, Banking, and a Utah practice. We partner with large, medium, and small/start-up companies in each of our areas of expertise.


New members of our team benefit from nearly 140 years of recruiting experience by receiving state of the art, industry-leading training. During the first two weeks, new team members “drink from the fire hose as they immerse themselves in hands on training, and are speaking with candidates and clients within the first week. After the initial training, new team members will benefit from continual training and mentorship, including morning meetings four days a week, one on one coaching, and be paired with a peer/mentor as they make a smooth transition into their new career.


Our firm has paved the way within the recruiting industry by having a dedicated support and research staff that is committed to making our team members successful. They help identify potential clients and hiring managers within these companies, passive and active candidates, and leads of companies looking to hire.


Each member of the team is a W-2 employee and will enjoy benefits including: medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, 401K plus a lucrative company match. On top of this, each team member is eligible to earn at a minimum of three trips per year, fully paid for by the company. We have a gym in our office that includes treadmills, a SPIN bike, elliptical machines, free weights, a weight machine and showers that all are eligible to use.

What does it take to be successful?

  • Commitment to the long-term development of a career in the Executive Search Industry
  • Strong orientation in creative problem solving, idea generation and concept development.
  • Highly disciplined and driven personality.
  • Experience in developing relationships with C-level executives.
  • Strong track record of finishing what you begin.