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Apr 28

Maximizing the Results of your Executive Search

Maximizing the Results of your Executive Search

Simply put, your company’s top positions require top talent. This is something that most business owners know and understand, however, many don’t realize just how tricky identifying, qualifying and securing talented senior and executive level candidates can get. This is why so many companies end up hiring leaders who simply can’t perform once they’re put to the test. Rather than settle for a seemingly qualified candidate at the end of an exhausting executive search, enlist the help of a professional executive search firm to find the best possible candidate for your company’s leadership position. If you’re curious as to how our team at NaviTrust can effectively maximize the results of your executive search, check out the detailed description of our process below.

1. Identify Top Talent

·First and foremost, it is important to make a clear description of your ideal candidate. We analyze your company culture and work with you to develop a candidate profile that includes the most important personality traits, talents and qualifications for the job.

·The next part of this process involves the identification of the “selling points” of your company. During this step, we basically want to find out why a highly qualified candidate would leave their current position for another at your company.

·Now that we’ve got an idea of what we’re looking for and how we’re going to get it, we make a solid search plan that allows us to identify candidates who meet the requirements of your candidate profile.

2. Qualify to Find the Ideal Candidate

·The first step in qualifying the best possible candidate for the job is to organize an interview process that maximizes the amount of information that can be gathered and shared in the shortest amount of time. This will help us conduct a thorough and efficient qualification process.

·After we’ve identified a group of top candidates, we qualify each of them against your candidate profile.

·Another important step to this process is approaching identified candidates in a confidential manner to seek referrals or direct discussion with the candidate regarding the position.

·Once we’ve found a candidate who seems to fit the bill, we conduct a thorough reference check to make sure everything checks out.

3. Deliver the Best Match

·Now that we’ve found the ideal candidate, it’s time to help you secure him or her for your company’s position. The first step in this is selling the opportunity to the candidate during the final interviewing process.

·Next, we work with you to create a fair and appealing offer letter. We also make sure that this offer is extended in a timely manner so that the candidate doesn’t lose interest in the position.

·Once the offer has been extended, we require a timely decision from the candidate to fill the position as quickly as possible. We also help navigate the resignation process with both you and the candidate, ensuring that the candidate starts on the designated date.


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