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May 5

Mike Field Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary with NaviTrust

Mike Field joined The NaviTrust Group in 2003, focusing on building relationships with national, regional and community banks in metropolitan and rural communities throughout Colorado, Illinois, Missouri and Utah. His tenure, as well as his success, is due in large part to his understanding of the unique characteristics and confidential nature of the banking industry.

As he celebrates his tenth anniversary, Mike Field exceeded his annual billing average by 30 percent, taking him to a total of more than $3M in billings. He takes pride in learning about what motivates the individual, their career goals and their aspirations. As a result, of the more than 100 banking professionals he has placed in the last decade, most have made an immediate impact on their organizations while advancing their career goals.

“Recruiting is a profession that has fairly high turnover,” says Clark Cotterell, President of NaviTrust, “and the troubled economy of the recent past has demanded much of our people. Through it all Mike tenaciously stuck to his business, as we’ve stood by him. We are very proud of the tenure of our entire team.”

Confirming his dedication to his profession, Mike completed a rigorous training program to achieve the Certified Senior Account Management (CSAM) designation with one of the largest search and recruitment organizations in the world. “I have been blessed to work with some of the finest, most accomplished recruiters in our industry,” says Mike. “That has helped me not only to be a better recruiter, but also to recognize the importance of the role we fill in the business world.”

Clark believes strongly in rewarding the tenure of his employees. “When someone hits their ten-year mark,” he says, “we reward them with a significant budget for a trip.” Mike plans to take his wife Kayleen and their family on a cruise to celebrate.

A graduate of the University of Wyoming, Mike received his bachelor’s degree in communications.