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Apr 28

Retained Search Firms

Retained Search Firms

Finding the right candidate who can meet the position’s requirements is crucial to finding success in any hiring process. This is especially true when the opening is for a senior level position. While some companies are able to hire a qualified candidate on their own, their results could be amplified significantly with help from a search and recruitment professional. Retained search firms specialize in building exclusive relationships with companies to determine their unique needs. They analyze the workplace culture and technical needs of a company to find the candidates who possess the skills, talent and personality traits necessary for the job at hand. Retained search firms are the opposite of contingency search firms. Contingency search firms deal in high volume and send in résumés with qualifications that match the position rather than qualify and deliver the candidate. Although they both have their pros and cons, retained search firms are generally preferred for filling executive positions as they provide a number of benefits over contingency search firms. Whether you’re looking to fill top positions in Utah or New York, a retained search could be your best option. To give you a better idea of whether a retained search is right for you, we’ve provided a list of benefits exclusive to this search type. Refer to the list below to see what you can gain from a retained search:



    • Simplicity

The process of hiring a retained search firm is much easier than that of hiring a contingency firm because it is more exclusive. Companies that employ contingency firms generally need to hire a number of other firms as well, but only pay the one that submits the résumé they choose. Retained search firms, however, create an exclusive contract with a single company that ensures a more in-depth and simple process of hiring because the company doesn’t need to work with multiple firms to find success.

    • Personalized Assistance

Retained search firms purposefully maintain a smaller client base in an effort to work more deeply with each client. As mentioned earlier, they conduct in-depth research before beginning candidate searches based on the unique needs of each client. This helps their clients find more success in the hiring process because the employee they find will be more likely to fit in with the workplace culture and meet the position’s requirements. Retained search firms also remain loyal to individual clients by refraining from sending a candidate to interview for multiple positions at the same time.

    • Time and effort

The process of hiring a new employee at a senior level requires a search with a good amount of depth and breadth. Retained search firms help companies complete a successful hiring process by taking care of the entire screening process and working with the company during interviews. This means that their clients have professional help and a second opinion throughout the entire hiring process.

    • Security

Securing a fair and solid offer letter plays a major role in obtaining an employee who will help the company find success for years to come. Because retained search firms are fully invested in the hiring process, they help their clients create offers with pay and conditions that fit the qualifications of their new hires and meet their industries’ standards. This builds the foundation for a long and successful future with their new employee.

These are only some of the many benefits that a company finds when they choose to hire a retained search firm to help them obtain senior level employees. Employers gain a unique advantage over competitors in the candidate market when they have the assistance and guidance of an experienced and skilled search firm. In sum, if your company is looking to hire a senior level employee, enlisting the help of a retained search firm will help you find the best end result.

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