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Selection Services

Today’s global hiring issues demand flexible solutions that bring you a high level of confidence. When it comes to effective tools for hiring, NaviTrust excels, offering the services needed to accomplish hiring goals and solve hiring problems:

Selection Services

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Assessment Testing

“They’ve got the skills, but are they a good fit?”

We help you assess the long-term compatibility of candidates with your business culture. Using innovative tools to analyze profiles, skill sets and experience, our recruiters provide you with the insight you need to make smart hiring decisions.

Background Checks

“They seem genuine, but what do we really know about their history?”

We provide comprehensive information on the candidates you are considering, including a complete background check.

Virtual Recruitment Solutions

“I want a truly global search, but it needs to be fast and cost-efficient”

Using a variety of web-based tools and leveraging the global footprint of our network, NaviTrust can conduct and facilitate a remote, virtual interview process saving both time and money when trying to fill your most critical roles.

Relocation Assistance

“I found the right candidate, but they live somewhere else.”

NaviTrust gives you access to comprehensive logistics and coordination assistance that makes the relocation of your new hire easy and efficient.

Salary Surveys and Evaluation

NaviTrust is equipped to help you understand the financial impact of your new hire. Because NaviTrust operates worldwide search and recruitment, our firm has the ability to provide you and your candidates with realistic information about compensation in every major business sector, in almost any location in the world.