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Apr 28

Staffing Firms

Staffing Firms

When companies are in a bind and need a qualified employee fast, they count on the help of staffing firms to fill the position as quickly as possible. Staffing agencies have a pool of employees who are skilled in a variety of fields and are able to jump into a new job on what is typically a temporary basis. Temp positions are needed in almost every company and within every industry. Hiring a staffing firm that provides quality employees and work within a variety of industries is extremely beneficial to employers when they need to quickly fill a position with a qualified candidate.

Who Uses Staffing Firms

Companies big and small see the value in enlisting the help of professional staffing firms during the hiring process for a number of reasons. Some of the most beneficial advantages of hiring through a staffing firm are the firm’s ability to find the most qualified individuals quickly and inexpensively and their willingness to conduct the entire hiring process for the company. These qualities of a staffing firm help companies save time and money during what is otherwise an expensive and time consuming process. Employees who are hired through staffing firms also enjoy the flexibility of their work and constant change of pace. Many also like that they are able to work for a variety of companies to get a better understanding of their ideal work environment before settling down in a permanent position. Whether your company is located here in Utah or on another continent, you can benefit from staffing services.

Staffing Firm Services and Agreements

There are three main types of contractual agreements that staffing firms arrange for with their clients. Refer to the list below to determine which type best fits your company’s needs and interests.

    • Temporary Help

Temporary employees (temps) are contracted to work for the client for a set amount of time or until the position is no longer needed. In some cases, temps become permanent employees if the need for their position becomes permanent.

    • Temp-to-Hire

Here, an agreement is made that the position will start as a temporary position and will turn into a full time position if the employee exhibits skill, reliability and genuine interest in the job. This is a trial period where the employee may also make the choice to leave at the end of the temporary position if they would like to.

    • Direct Hire

In this hiring situation, the employee is recruited by the firm and hired on permanently without a trial period. The process for this is usually a bit longer and more in-depth as it is of utmost importance that the staffing agency finds a highly qualified candidate who can consistently perform for your company for years to come.

Getting Started

Staffing firms provide a great service to companies and job seekers alike. They not only help them get connected, but look out for the best interests of both their clients and their talent as well by working out solid and fair offers and making sure that their conditions are met. Because companies rely so heavily on staffing firms in time sensitive situations, it’s important that the staffing firm they choose to hire is capable of providing them with the quality results they need. This is why it is crucial that employers look into the qualifications and reputation of a firm before choosing to sign with them. Asking around about a firm’s history and looking into their past work within certain industries will give you a better understanding of just how capable they are of helping you find talent within your industry.

NaviTrust Search & Recruitment

Here at NaviTrust, our highly skilled team of recruiters provide a variety of search and recruitment services. Our Utah based firm is nationally awarded and recognized for excellence in the services we offer. To learn more about our staffing services in your area, feel free to give us a call at 800-622-2085.