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May 1

The Top 5 Things Biostatisticians Look for in New Opportunities


Skilled biostatisticians are in high demand among companies big and small. As an employer, the task of finding and competing for a qualified individual within this field may be a bit overwhelming. Although the talent is out there, it can be difficult to compete with major companies in your field. Competition may be high, but there’s no need to settle! In fact, we’re here to tell you that you can compete for and land top talent in this field if you play your cards right.

We’ve created this post to provide a little advice from our biostats recruitment specialist, Steve Stringham. Keep reading to discover the five things biostatisticians are looking for in new opportunities!

1. Stability

Conveying the stability of your choice candidate’s new role at your company will be important. “There are usually several factors that may prompt a move, but underlying for most biostatisticians is stability (with some exceptions),” says Steve. Be sure to highlight qualities that convey your company’s current stability and bright future within the job description and during the interview process. Remember that pandering will not be an appealing quality here, but subtly noting things that make your case for stability will help you eliminate some of the hesitations your candidate has regarding a move to your company.

2. Opportunity for Growth

Top biostats candidates will be looking for room for career development. This can be through either advancement in titles and management or through increased project leadership and decision making. To highlight opportunity for growth within your company, Steve suggests the following:

• Discussing the pipeline – current and in development
• Needs over the next 2-4 years (for small companies)
• Career advancement tracks (for larger companies)

3. Solid Leadership

Like most professionals, biostatisticians want a good boss. They want clear expectations for their work as well as support when necessary. Highlighting the qualifications of your leadership team, and providing a clear list of core responsibilities and roles will help you establish your leadership capabilities. Being prepared to answer any questions they may have regarding your current processes and company roles will also be essential.

4. Opportunity Within Their Therapeutic Area of Interest

Exceptionally skilled biostats are looking for opportunities that closely fit their interests and areas of specialty. Understanding this and making sure that your focus is clear in the job description will be an important part of attracting the right candidates.

5. Competitive Pay and Benefits

Project biostats typically earn $130-150k with a bonus (5-25%). According to Steve, biostats looking for opportunities at smaller companies usually want stock options or RSUs. Health benefits and 401k plans are also important to consider as you draft your contract.

Getting Started

Ready to find the ideal candidate to fill your company’s open role in biostats? Keep these tips in mind and continue on your search process! Remember, it takes time to find the right professional for the job, but it’s well worth it in the end to take your time and ensure the best fit possible. If you’ve found that you could use a little help in your search for the right biostatistician for your company’s needs and culture, our team is happy to help! Visit our Life Sciences Recruitment page for additional info.