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Mar 2

The Top 6 Professionals Banking Headhunters are searching for in 2015

As an ever-changing industry where growth is uncapped and opportunity abundant, banking has created a competitive market for both employers and candidates. Top talent continues to rise from leading schools of finance as financial institutions grow larger. With the growth of major banks, comes a high demand for competent financial professionals.

No matter which end of the hiring game you fall within, it’s important to know which banking positions are in highest demand and what experts look for as they fill them with qualified candidates. That’s why we’re offering up the top 6 professionals banking headhunters are looking to hire in today’s financial industry. Check them out

1. Commercial Lender/Loan Officer

Business owners often rely on the assistance of financial institutions to fund business critical purchases as they grow. This requires talented individuals who are capable of crunching the numbers to identify if money can be leant and if so, on what terms. Commercial lenders are unique in that it becomes especially critical for them to identify opportunities to lend the money, as well asestablish honest relationships with their clients.

2.  Ag Lender

Agriculture is a constant in our world. No matter how the processes change, food will always be a necessary component. That being said, loan officers to help agricultural companies rise and grow will be in constant need. It is their job to ensure that agricultural companies receive the money they need without dipping into trouble areas.

3. Commercial Underwriter

In an environment recovering from economic recession, businesses are looking to get back on their feet and into the game again. This calls for skilled underwriters who can thoroughly review applications and determine and approve responsible lending amounts. Exceptionally talented and honest underwriters are a must to keep financial institutions safe and profitable. Headhunters are on the lookout for this talent.

4. Wealth Management Experts

Global wealth is on the rise. As corporations as well as individuals become larger and more profitable, demand for talented individuals to responsibly and effectively manage this wealth rises exponentially. Headhunters seek wealth managers with the skill to provide accurate reporting on major accounts with integrity and honesty.

5. Chief Lending Officer

With a rise in demand for commercial lenders and underwriters comes a rise in need for those who manage and control their efforts in loan approval. This role is critical to financial institutions facing the challenge of bouncing back from economic recession. It is their responsibility to ensure that all loans are manageable and reasonable to protect the institution and its lenders.

6. BSA Officer

This position requires the attention of a professional who is capable of going above and beyond to pay careful attention to the numbers. They must also be willing and able to keep a constant eye on regulatory trends and market changes to fully understand where their organization stands in terms of compliance and why. Headhunters seek individuals with exceptional skill in organization and a near obsession with details to fulfill the requirements of these positions.

Recruiting Top Talent in a Competitive Market

Identifying and landing top talent in the banking industry can be tough. Obviously, it’s going to be even more difficult when you’re searching for qualified candidates for these in-demand professions. Our best advice? Take your time throughout the hiring process. Make a firm list of requirements and don’t settle. Each of these positions are important. It’s better to take your time than to hire the wrong fit. Having trouble? Consider working with a banking headhunter! He or she will help you find and negotiate for the ideal candidate.