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Mar 5

Top 5 Jobs for Utah’s College Graduates


Many college students have mixed emotions as their graduation dates draw near. Talk of a dismal job market and stories of low success rates have many concerned that there simply jobsforgradsisn’t enough opportunity out there for all of us to share. Truth is, the only thing Utah graduates should be feeling is excitement for their entry into a great job market full of high paying and in-demand careers. Their timing couldn’t be better with the abundance of corporate growth and technical innovation taking place in our state at this time.


Current Employment Outlook

To highlight the incredible potential for college students entering Utah’s job market this year, Fox 13 teamed up with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) to create a list of the top five jobs for college graduates. The jobs made the list based on demand, average salary, growth potential and required schooling. What this list has shown is that when students start early and choose their fields wisely, opportunity for success in Utah is practically endless! So without further ado, here are Utah’s top five jobs for graduating college students, with average salaries included:


1. Engineering ($90,000)

2. Energy Specialists ($90,000)

3. Ops and General Managers ($79,000)

4. Programmers and Data Analysts ($73,000)

5. Sales and Marketing ($67,000)


The Future is Looking Good Too

You may have noticed that each of the jobs listed above requires at least some (if not a lot!) of technical skill. Utah schools have picked up on the growing demand for technically skilled employees, and have answered with an increase of focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses in K-12 education. This early preparation will yield an even brighter employment outlook for future generations. Overall, Utah’s business culture is thriving, leaving plenty of opportunity for past, recent and future college graduates to find success in the state’s most in-demand fields.

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