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Oct 24

Utah Brings in Allstate Subsidiary, Adding 700 jobs in Weber County

Wage reductions

How it Happened

Utah officials understand the importance of a healthy business culture. This is why they’ve worked hard to finally lure Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate Corp., to our state. The move is attributed in part to efforts made by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). They’ve provided $5.8 million in tax credits to the company in exchange for major potential. Esurance is looking to invest $15 million in developing the operation, which could pay out $610 million in new wages.

The customer service location will be situated within the Business Depot of Ogden, a former military installation turned 1,100 acre business park. The development of this park has also been partially credited for attracting the insurance company to our state as it has provided a “great energy” that “keeps us competitive and nimble,” says Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell. The Business Depot of Ogden is one of the many installations Utah has made over the past decade to become a more business friendly state.

What it Means for Utahns

The objective behind bringing big business to Utah is obvious when you consider the majorly positive impact it has on employment. Esurance will be bringing an estimated 700 jobs to Weber County over the next 20 years. Hiring will begin immediately for positions involving primarily customer service and support. As a company with an excellent reputation for employee care, Esurance is delivering on its promise of quality jobs for Utahns.

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Michael Sullivan, spokesman for the GOED, says “all of the incented jobs will pay at least 125 percent of Weber County’s average annual wage, including benefits.”

Future Development

While landing this company has made a significant contribution to Utah’s business culture, state representatives continue to plan for future development. Operations like the GOED and nonprofit organizations such as the Economic Development Corp. of Utah (EDCU) are making constant efforts to recruit more major companies like Esurance that bring opportunity and growth to our state.

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